Argentine beef with Bonarda or Malbec.
What more is there to say when it comes to great pairing?

Here are pairing suggestions for Argentina’s key varietals from a trio of top restaurants, each of which has earned Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence.

Bistro M in Mendoza
Pablo Lauro, Sommelier
La Bourgogne in Buenos Aires
Pascal Bernard, Mgr.
Puerto Cristal in Buenos Aires
Karina Fernandez, Mgr.

My favorite food pairing with Torrontés is...

Smoked salmon roll with fennel-basil crème and a mango-pineapple vinaigrette. This pairing works because of the wine’s freshness, great fruit intensity and totally dry finish. The wine finishes ripe and rich with the vinaigrette. Bistro M

Spicy dishes such as Asian food and empanada salteñas. Here at the restaurant, we suggest it with Terrine of Foie gras de Canard with chutney of grapes. This pairing works because Torrontés is very perfumed [balancing spice] with good acidity [which cuts through richness]. In general we choose Torrontés from northern areas such as Salta, Cafayate and Calchaquies Valley. La Bourgogne

Foie Gras with fig purée. [Torrontés’ perfume matches that of the figs and its crisp acidity helps the wine stand up to and balance the rich Foie Gras.] Puerto Cristal

My favorite food pairing with Bonarda is...

Pasta with tomatoes, pork with plums. At the restaurant we prepare a Suckling Pig with barbacoa sauce. This is a great match because, in general, Argentine Bonardas are very fleshy and fruity, but dry so we choose dishes that contain certain fat to soften the palate [or mouthfeel] of the wine. La Bourgogne

Red meat in a very slow cooking method, braised, accompanied by vegetables cooked in their own juice. This pairing works because the rich flavors and weight of slow-cooked meat matches this powerful wine’s large gulp of fruit flavors and tannins. I especially like it with wines aged in oak barrel for more flavors and body. Bistro M

Lamb with rosemary cream, lamb stock and pear. [A rich dish to match Bonarda’s rich flavors.] Puerto Cristal

My favorite food pairing with Malbec is...

Very simple because the deeply fruity wine marries with many of your favorite dishes. It goes perfectly with grilled red meat, with a Spanish omelet and grilled tomatoes, as well. It also pairs easily with pasta and risotto. Bistro M

Young goat or Patagonian lamb with herbs. At the restaurant we serve saddle of lamb cooked in black olive and thyme bread. This pairs well with structured Malbecs because they are often from the same land, such as Mendoza, where it's dry and there are lots of olive trees and aromatic herbs that you can find in the wines’ aromas. La Bourgogne

Sirloin with shallots, fresh grapes, prune, Sherry, balsamic vinegar and pink pepper; served with potato gnocchi, sautéed with butter, Spanish sausage and parsley. [This complex mix of herbs and spices, fat and fruit pairs well with the concentrated fruit, herb flavors and dry finish of Argentine Malbec.] Puerto Cristal

Malbec, with its juicy, vivid fruit flavors and steak-friendly profile, has caught fire with American wine consumers.

James Molesworth, Wine Spectator

[With Torrontés, you] get the amazing complexity of green apples, jasmine, litchi and mineral notes, similar to a Gewürztraminer from Alsace or an aromatic Riesling. Torrontés is perfect as an aperitif or paired with spicy Thai food or even Mexican.

Marcelo Rebole, Chef and Sommelier
Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Hotel, Buenos Aires